Kurdish Proverbs

(Ji Pendên frensî hat beralîkirin)



  • "Eger gul nît, dirrigîş mebe."
    • Idiomatic Translation: If you cannot contribute positivity, least do not contribute adversity.
    • Literal Translation: If you are not a flower, don't be a thorn.
    • Eger xizim guşte tê bixun, lê hêst yên te naşkêne
    • Literal Translation: If your relatives eat your meat, They won't break your bones
    • Idiomatic Translation : always put your close ones, and relatives first then strangers.
    • Eger bra le pişht bra bê, meger qeza lay xwa bê
    • Literal Translation: If Brother stands behind brother, Only God can bring bad and devil
    • Idiomatic Translation :. We are stonger together. It emphasizes the importance of solidarity, unity and shared experiences between Kurds. It reflects the Kurdish people’s strong sense of community and their belief that they are all winners If they unite and and support each other. [1]

  • "Çi dil hizir deket, dev xeber dedet."
    • Translation: Whatever the heart thinks, the mouth will speak.

  • "Şolkerê xo be, xuşteviyê xelkî be"
    • Translation: Help yourself, and be helped by others.

  • "Zanetîyê sivik, barê giran"
    • Idiomatic Translation: One who has little wisdom will have greater burdens.
    • Literal Translation: Light wisdom, heavy burden.